mtion app FAQs

First time using mtion - what can I do to get into mtion without feeling overwhelmed?

We get it, there're lots of features to explore and for a program that is completely new this can be overwhelming. It's ok, that's why we are here! A few things that will help:

  • Check out the mtion getting started page, it gives a comprehensive overview of the app.

  • If reading is dangerous, we've also got some intro video guides here. For first timers, we recommend going through a couple quick tutorials with this Llama on "How to set up virtual cameras", "How to set up displays".

  • Best thing is learning by doing! Check out the in-app tutorial section and open up any of the tutorial clubhouses to follow the step by step guide.

  • Community support: we have a passionate and amazing user community. Join our Discord, get support and feel free to ask questions!

Do I have to log in to Twitch in order to use mtion?

Nope! You can use mtion in offline mode without logging into Twitch, however when in offline mode you won't be able to use interaction features for livestreaming platforms like Twitch/YouTube.

What livestreaming platforms do mtion support?

If you are just using mtion for the immersive environment, you can use it for any platforms since mtion outputs virtual camera feed. This means any livestreaming platforms, as well as Discord calls, Google meet, Zoom etc.

If you also want your viewers to play/interact in your virtual environment directly in chat when you are livestreaming, you will need to be either on Twitch or YouTube as these are the only two platforms that are currenty integrated with mtion. Other platform integrations might be planned in the future and we will make announcement when that happens.

How do I stream from mtion?

mtion outputs virtual camera feed. You can add a "video capture device" source in OBS and select "mtion virtual camera" and that's it! Whatever mtion camera you change to, it will automatically show in OBS.

Same goes for Discord calls, Google meet, Zoom etc., just choose "mtion virtual camera" in the camera selection as your camera output feed!

Can I co-stream with someone in my mtion clubhouse?

Yes! Just configure a display capture in your club to connect to Web and add the other person’s Twitch/Youtube Stream link. Once updated, the other person’s stream will appear directly inside your clubhouse. Discord reactive works amazingly well in mtion if you want to bring a group of friends into your clubhouse!

How can I build my own clubhouse?

Refer to this page for further guidance.

How do I import an asset/clubhouse I got off the Bazaar?

When adding an object in your clubhouse use the import option found under the tabs and then find the .mtion file of the asset.

How do I import custom assets in other formats such as FBX?

If the 3D assets are not in .mtion file, you will need to use the mtion SDK to import them. The process is straightforward, and here's a quick video guide.

Can I import my VRChat world into mtion?

Yes! You can absolutely give your VRChat world a 2nd life in mtion. You will need to use mtion SDK to import your VRChat world into mtion app.

How do I share my clubhouse with someone else?

You can export your saved clubhouses by clicking on the "export" button. Once exported, you can share the .mtion file in the folder you exported to. You are welcome to share your creations in the mtion bazaar with our community!

How do I import my 3D avatar model into mtion?

mtion currently supports VRM and VSF models. Visit this page for more info.

Can I have multiple avatar models in the clubhouse?

Yes! You can put as many models as you like in the clubhouse. You can also set up tracking with different port numbers on each model.

I'm a 2D vtuber, can I still use mtion?

Absolutely! You can place your 2D avatar inside of your mtion clubhouse as well. Please see this page on how to set it up with Vtube Studio or VSeeface.

I'm afraid to use too many displays, is there a limit to how many I can place?

There's no limit to how many you can place! The only limitation is the power of your PC.

I'm using window capture on my game but it's not working?

Window capture only works on a windowed screen so will have to use desktop capture for full screened. However game capture is in the works!

The displays I put inside the clubhouse look off compared to the background. Can they be affected by lighting?

Yes they can! Click on the display and in the inspector panel enable "diegesis".

Is there a chroma key option in mtion if I use a green screen?

In the display options scroll down to chroma key, enable, and then you can adjust the options for the key color and the threshold.

Why does the contrast/light/color looks off in my clubhouse?

It might be due to your virtual camera settings. Select a camera, and in its options go to "post-processing" and adjust the contrast.

How to reduce my CPU/GPU usage with mtion?

When not editing, you can minimize mtion to reduce the CPU/GPU usage. Go into preferences and enable 'Minimize to tray' which will minimize mtion into the system tray. You will have to use hot keys to move the camera however. You can bring mtion back up with 'CTRL + M'.

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