What is mtion?

mtion is a desktop app that let you create and share immersive and interactive virtual worlds (or what we call "clubhouses") with your community of friends and fans, without having any technical skills or coding knowledge.

For livestream creators, you can also go live from your own clubhouse, and set up virtual cameras to capture different areas in your clubhouse and create awestruck scene transitions. Bring in your avatars and invite your co-streamers to your clubhouse. Easily set up mass audience interaction minigames for your viewers to play with, even when you are offline. Turn your stream into a 24/7 persistent club for your community.

Installing and accessing mtion

mtion is currently in Pre-Alpha Early-Access and constantly getting updated with new features. You can download the early-access for free on Steam.

The application will live on your computer as an ambient space from which you can call on whenever you wish. You’ll notice that once it is minimized, it appears to disappear, but it is actually located on your Systems Tray. Right clicking on the icon will bring up additional menu items and double clicking will expand the application.

To quickly access the mtion studio app, use:


This will work anytime you want to use the application no matter what you might be doing or what is currently on your desktop.

Clubhouse Build Options

mtion desktop app comes with a variety of clubhouse templates in different styles that you can customize to make it your own. However, if you want to build your clubhouse from scratch, you can either use the "Empty Clubhouse" template and build it directly inside of mtion app, or use the mtion SDK built for Unity for even more expansive worlds and more. We will talk about this on this page 👉 Build Your Own Clubhouse.

Custom Assets

You can build custom assets directly in the mtion app, using the "shape" feature. This allows you to shape primitive objects in 3 dementions, and you can combine shapes to make even fancier 3D objects. You can upload textures directly to these shapes, the textures will automatically be applied to the shapes once uploaded.

However, if you have 3D modelling experience or want to import custom made assets, you can use the mtion SDK to import them into your mtion app. Check out the mtion SDK page for more information.

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