Build Your Own Clubhouse

There are 3 ways to build your own clubhouse from scratch.

Option 1 - Build inside the mtion app

You can build your clubhouse natively inside of the mtion app, where you absolutely do not need any 3D modeling or game development experience at all!

Building inside of the mtion app is kinda like building your world in Sims. The empty clubhouse template provides you a virtual sandbox for you to build your own. You can use a set of our intuitive no-code tools and primitive building blocks to build out the desired virtual clubhouse you've always wanted.

Check out some examples below and see how amazing these clubhouses are built using the empty clubhouse template 👇

Use of primitive shapes

Primitive shapes are 3D asset building blocks which you can freely manipulate their shapes to achieve the desired look. You can combine these primitive objects to make interesting 3D assets or even building structures in your clubhouse.

To create a new primitive shape, click on the primitive button nested in the hang tool bar when in the clubhouse creator view.

Once a primitive shape is created inside the clubhouse, you can then use the gizmo to edit the shape. You can also apply textures directly onto the primitive shape in the inspector panel!

Use of displays

You can embed certain display feed and snap it to the walls or a building block in your clubhouse to create unexpected and amazing result.

For example, you can load a beautiful galaxy video file and resize it to match your ceiling. And now you have a moving galaxy ceiling 👇

Same with images too! You can use images for wall papers, paintings etc. to decorate your clubhouse. mtion supports transparencies for all input feed too.

Use of mtion asset browser

You can browse all the available 3D assets in the mtion asset browser and place them wherever you'd like in your clubhouse. Simply click on the asset browser button in the hang tool bar to get started.

You can also import a 3D asset in .mtion file directly into your mtion account when inside the asset browser. You can either use mtion SDK to covert a 3D object into .mtion format, or download any of the available 3D assets already in .mtion format made by the community for free in the Discord bazaar 🎪

Use of mtion bazaar 🎪

mtion bazaar is the community based marketplace for sharing mtion creations, this includes 3D assets, 3D objects with animations or actions attached, minigames/interactions, or even full blown clubhouses! Be sure to stop by the mtion bazaar and get some inspirations. If you created something you'd like to share, feel free to drop the .mtion file in there as well!

Option 2 - Build with mtion SDK in Unity

If you are familiar with Unity and maybe even created other virtual spaces using Unity (e.g. VRChat world), then you can also use the mtion SDK made for Unity to build even more expansive clubhouses, 3D assets or interactive experiences and import your creations to the mtion app. For more information on the mtion SDK, please refer to the mtion SDK section.

Option 3 - Commission a community builder

If you do not know how to use the SDK, or simply want to have someone else build it out for you, you can commmission a talented community builder! Visit the mtion commission Discord channel to find someone that fits the job!

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