UFO Catcher


The UFO Catcher is used collaboratively amongst viewers/chat/community to manipulate RigidBody objects in a scene by picking them up, moving them and dropping them.

The UFO Catcher is great for ccommunity engagement that encourages either cooperation or competition. Players’ commands will collectively affect the singular UFO Catcher, allowing for a “tug of war” control dynamic.

  • Cooperative Example: guiding the UFO through a maze, forcing viewers to work together to move it correctly

  • Competitive Example: using the UFO to move an object to vote on one of two outcomes, forcing viewers to pick sides

Set Up

The UFO Crane can be added to your clubhouse using the Asset Browser. It can be placed in a clubhouse and will always maintain the height it is set to, it does not have a control to move up or down. This is by design to reduce complexity and potential misuse or error.

It can only abduct Physics-enabled 3D objects.


The UFO Catcher can be moved in any of the 4 cardinal directions. Players can type a command to do this, by default these commands are:

!ufo n: move North 1 unit

!ufo s: move South 1 unit

!ufo e: move East 1 unit

!ufo w: move West 1 unit

Abducting Objects

The UFO Catcher can pick up any physics-enabled 3D objects via its “tractor beam” feature. When the UFO Catcher is positioned over an abductable object, a grid visualization will appear. While players can enter the tractor beam command at anytime, only when the grid is visible will it successfully abduct the object beneath.

By default, the command to use the tractor beam to attempt abducting objects is: !ufo beam

Moving/Dropping Abducted Objects

Once an object is abducted, it can be moved around with the UFO Catcher using the regular movement commands.

To drop an abducted object, users can type the drop command, by default: !ufo drop

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