Space Cat Launcher


The Launcher is used independently amongst players to interact with your clubhouse by launching personalized balls (with each player's profile picture and username on the ball) that will bounce and collide with objects in the clubhouse.

The Launcher is great for audience engagement that encourages exploration, and depending on the outcome it could involve competition or collaboration. Player's commands will launch a cannon ball independently from other players, allowing them to experiment freely and encourage emergent social dynamics.

  • Collaborative Example: players agree to aim for the same target to produce a specific outcome

  • Competitive Example: players try to aim their projectiles into a Score Basket object and get the highest individual score

Set Up

The Space Cat Launcher can be added to your clubhouse using the Asset Browser. It simply needs to be placed in the desired position. It can only fire projectiles in a 180 degree radius, so ensure the Launcher is facing in the desired direction.



Users may launch a projectile by simply using the !fire command


The launcher has two aiming commands:

  • pitch: aims vertically (up and down)

  • yaw: aims horizontally (left and right)

To change the aim, these modifiers can be typed following the !fire command based on 45 degree increments. For example, to aim up and to the left the user can type:

!fire 45 -45

💡 You can make the Space Cat Launcher invisible by clicking off the Toggle Visibility icon (eye icon) in its inspector panel. The balls will still be visible from the Dropper, but this way allows you to place another 3D object on top of the Cat Launcher to mask it, if this cat is not your thing and you desire a different visual style.

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