The Dice Roller offer a way to get random outcomes. Dice are rolled on an individual basis with the roll history visualized on a floating scroll. This can have a variety of applications based on the context in which it is used.

The Dice works to help with decision making processes, competition amongst other players, and various other outcomes based on the context in which they are applied. The Dice Roll History can act as a leaderboard of sorts to track dice rolls.

Set Up

The Summoning Dice can be added to any clubhouse using the Asset Browser.

It simply needs to be placed in the desired position.


Rolling Dice:

Users can use the !roll command to summon a dice.

The default dice type that will be rolled is a 20-sided die. They can add a modifier to the command to specify a different die ranging from 2-sided up to 20-sided.

For example, a user could roll a 10-sided die by typing:

!roll d10

A user could flip a coin by typing:

!roll d2

The full list of die are:

  • d2

  • d4

  • d6

  • d8

  • d10

  • d12

  • d20

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