Avatars & NPCs

You can import your avatars (both humanoids and none-humanoids) into your mtion clubhouse. You can either use motion tracking with the avatars (via VMC) or create NPCs with the models. Currently, we support both VRM and VSF model formats.

Import Avatars into your mtion clubhouse

VSF Avatar Import

To add a VSF model, you can click on the avatar button on the Hang Tool Bar, it will bring you to the avatar asset browser, and from there, you can directly import the VSF model from your PC.

VRM Avatar Import

If you want to import a VRM model, you will need the mtion Unity SDK to import it. Here's a quick video guide on how to:

Note: The VMC location for avatar has moved to a different location since the recording of this tutorial. You can find the VMC now located on the third tab down on the left side of the app labeled VMC Connections, it will have your Local Port + use the dropdown Avatars menu to select the character you just imported.

If you don't have the mtion SDK, visit the mtion SDK page to get started!

Set up fun interactions for your Avatars

Set up Ragdoll mode on your avatars

Once you imported your avatars into the clubhouse, you can turn on Ragdoll mode in it's options. Once enabled, your avatar will react to things that interact with it. You can take advantage of mtion's interaction features to set up some interesting experiences for you and your community. Here's a video to help you get started on this:

Set up interactive TTS to your avatars

You can set up TTS to any avatar models you uploaded inside of your mtion clubhouse. The TTS can be triggered by yourself, or by your chat. It can be pre-defined text or real-time text input by your chat. Here's a quick tutorial guide on how to set it up 👇

Setting up NPC mode on your avatars

You can turn on NPC mode on any of your avatar models. Once the NPC mode is on, you can also set a pre-defined area for your NPCs to move about. Here's a quick tutorial guide on how to set it up 👇

Setting up interactive avatar animations & emotes

You can set up custom animations and emotes for your avatars and NPCs in mtion. Here's a quick tutorial guide on how to set it up 👇

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