mtion SDK FAQs

I downloaded Unity but the SDK isn't compatible?

mtion SDK only works with Unity version 2021.3.25f1 which can be downloaded from The Unity download archive

I'm trying to use the SDK Git url but its not working?

In order to use the Git URL you will need Git installed from

Another option is to download the latest .tgz file from and in Unity use the option 'install from Tarball'.

How do I update the SDK when a new version is released?

If you are using Git url, then the updates are always automatic.

If you are using the Tarball, you should be able to just load the new .tgz file. Don't need to uninstall first, assets should be overwritten with new ones.

I imported a Clubhouse/Asset into mtion app but I don't see it?

If haven't you will have to restart mtion when you import anything from unity in order for it to show up.

Do certain shaders work with mtion?

Most shaders such as VRM and Poiyomi do work with mtion. If you encountered a shader that does not work, please let us know in the mtion Discord SDK support channel.

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