General FAQs

What is mtion?

mtion is your home away from home, where you and your community can grow and flourish. Our desktop app (PC only) lets you easily create your own immersive and interactive virtual world to share with each other. Everyone has a community to build, and with mtion, you can now give them a home.

mtion is currently in development, however you can access the open beta early-access via Steam.

Why use mtion?

There are lots of reasons why people are using mtion:

  • Give your online community a place to flourish: build your own virtual forever home to host your lore, memes, community highlights, fan arts and more!

  • Up your game as a creator: livestream from your own 3D virtual home to any platforms (Twitch, YouTube etc.), easily set up as many virtual cameras as you'd like for unique scene transitions. Bring the immersive experience to your community!

  • Interact and engage with your community like never before: easily design your own games and interactions in your virtual home. You can even have your viewers on Twitch/YouTube to directly interact with them using chat commands. Great for BRB or get your chat hyped up even before you start streaming. The possibilities are endless - heck, turn your stream into a 24/7 online arcade if you want!

  • For VTubers - bring your 2D and 3D models into your virtual home! mtion supports VRM/VSF avatars and works with all major tracking solutions. You can now give your model a proper home.

  • The best part? You DON'T need to code or know any programming/development knowledge to build your immersive and interactive virtual home!

Is mtion free?

Yes! mtion will always be free. In the future, we may add some premium features that would require a subscription to use, but we'll be very transparent when that happens and no existing feature will ever be locked behind a paywall.

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